2024200423 OEM Replacement V-Belt for Chicago Pneumatic and NAPA Compressors

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Part #: 2024200423

2024200423 OEM Replacement V-Belt for Chicago Pneumatic and NAPA Compressors

This 2024200423 belt will work on several models of the Chicago Pneumatic RCPC and NAPA cast iron air compressors. Note that most compressors required two belts so purchasing Qty 2 may be needed.

The previous part number for this belt was 1312100993 which may be displayed in your parts manual. This is an OEM belt.

Checking belt tension should be done monthly depending on the compressor usage, especially if looseness is suspected. A quick check to determine if adjustment is proper may be made by observing the slack side of the belt for a slight bow when the unit is in operation. If a slight bow is evident, the belt is usually adjusted satisfactorily. These should be proactively replaced on a 2 year basis to ensure the compressor runs optimally. Your belt should be replaced if you are hearing squeaking sounds coming from the back of the beltguard. A compressor that is not producing the same amount of airflow as it previously did may be a sign of a belt wear. Belt tensioning can be achieved by loosening the motor anchor screws, pushing the motor away from the pump, and retightening the motor anchor screws. The motor can be easily moved by placing a prying tool beneath it.

The 2024200423 v-belt will work with the following models:

  • Chicago Pneumatic RCPC581VS
  • Chicago Pneumatic RCPC583VS
  • Chicago Pneumatic RCPC581V
  • Chicago Pneumatic RCPC583V
  • Chicago Pneumatic RCP-C1130G
  • Chicago Pneumatic RCPC7583VC24
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