1312100925 OEM Gasket Set for the Chicago Pneumatic BelAir and NAPA C1 and CA1 Compressor Pumps

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Replacement Gasket Set 1312100925 for the Chicago Pneumatic CA1 and C1, BelAir and NAPA Cast Iron Compressors

The 1312100925 gasket kit is designed to be used on the Chicago Pneumatic C1/CA cast iron piston compressor pumps. This kit will also work with several of the BelAir and NAPA cast iron compressor pumps as well. These pumps were commonly known as the 1312100706 C1 and 1312202800 CA1 reciprocating pumps.
This 1312100925 gasket kit includes all gaskets necessary to service the pump. This includes the head gasket, valve plate gasket and front end gaskets.
This part number may also be displayed in your manual as 070245 Gasket Set
This gasket kit would be used on the following Chicago Pneumatic compressors. As mentioned above it will also work on several compressors from alternative brands. Please contact us with your model and serial number for confirmation this kit will work with your piston air compressor.
  • RCPC581VS
  • RCPC583VS
  • RCPC7581VS
  • RCPC7583VS
  • RCPC7581VSC2
  • RCPC7583VSC2
  • RCPC10123VS
  • RCPC10123HS
  • RCPC581V
  • RCPC583V
  • RCPC7581V
  • RCPC7583V
  • RCPC7581VC2
  • RCPC7583VC2
  • RCPC10123V
  • RCPC10123H
  • RCP-C1330G
  • RCP-C1130G
  • RCP-C1430G