Portland, Oregon

The City of Portland's nicknames include the "City of Roses" (International Rose Test Gardens), "Bridgetown" (vast array of bridges), Rip City (after the Portland Trail Blazers), Stumptown (many trees), "Beertown" (self explanatory!), and many more. These are just small tidbits of information in relation to what the city has to offer.

Anything you are looking for, Portland has it. Sun in the Summer, a bit of snow in the Winter, and mild temperatures in the Fall and Spring make the Portland Metropolitan area home to over one million people. Only an hours drive from the ocean for surfing or the mountains for skiing and snowboarding create the perfect atmosphere for anyone looking to get away from the city for a days break.

Needless to say, there is much more to this city than just a company that sells airless paint sprayers, air compressors, and pressure washers. Take some time to explore this page to see what Portland, Oregon has to offer. Also, learn more about the cities that we service within Oregon and the Portland Metropolitan Area

Beautiful Portland skyline looking west over the Willamette River

Bikes, Trails, and Parks

Portland is consistently ranked as not only one of the most environmentally friendly cities, but one of the most livable. One of the reasons for these high marks is the numerous amounts of bike paths, walking and running trails, and parks.

Biking is a primary mode of transportation for many Portlanders. Bike trails and routes flow through the city, and anywhere that is accessible by car is almost guaranteed to be available by bike as well. Joggers also enjoy the trails as well, as there is much scenery located throughout the Metro region.

Last but not least, Portlanders like to have fun! Therefore, there is no shortage of parks in the area. Everything from playgrounds and tennis courts to soccer fields and even Frisbee golf are found everywhere in the city. No matter what your sport or activity is, you are almost guaranteed to find it.

Brandon Roy of the Portland Trail Blazers

The city of Portland is fortunate enough to embrace a variety of sports and teams throughout the City. Basketball, Soccer, Baseball and Hockey are the most prominent, but less popular sports such as racing, roller derby, and lacrosse also take place.

The Portland Trail Blazers have been around since 1970, and have had continued success within the NBA. They won the NBA Championship in 1970, and have had two additional finals appearances. During the 1980's, 1990's and into the early 21st century the had a run of 21 straight playoff appearances.

Portland Timbers Soccer Team

Another prominent sports team is the Portland Timbers soccer club. They are part of the United Soccer League, but will be making the move to the professional Major League Soccer in 2011. They have had continued success in the minor leagues, and plan on continuing their tradition at the next level.

Among vast array of minor league teams surrounding Portland, the Portland Winterhawks (hockey) and Portland Beavers (baseball) have also seen a great amount of success in their respective leagues as well. Both of these teams draw a great deal of crowds to their home games, and fan support is abundant.