Graco FinishPro 395 Air-Assisted Airless Sprayer

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No Longer Available

Please consider Graco FinishPro II 395 PC (ProConnect) - 17C417 as a replacement.

Complete with Gun, Hoses and Tips

The absolute latest in airless finishing technology! - Air-Assisted Airless

Introducing Graco's latest high-performance solution
to fine finish spraying - The FinishPro 395!

How it works:
Material is delivered to the gun at lower pressure than traditional airless (500-1500 psi vs. 1500-3000 psi) and is partially atomized through a small tip. Full atomization is achieved by adding a small amount of air (5-35 psi) to the edges of the spray fan - resulting in a softer pattern, more control, higher transfer efficiency, and less overspray.

  • Fine finish quality that rivals HVLP
  • High production speed of airless
  • Ability to spray the widest range of fine-finish materials - without reducing!
Finish Pro cap
Graco's Exclusive Air Cap Design
  • Revolutionary air cap design has been optimized for use with reversible spray tips
  • Twice the number of outlets, each positioned closer to the spray tip
  • Delivers a softer, more consistent spray fan from start to finish
Premium G40 Gun:
  • Light-weight, compact design is ideal for getting into tight places
  • Ultra-light trigger pull and form-fitted handle means less fatigue
  • High Pressure Swivel for improved operator control and comfort
  • Air adjustment valve conveniently located right at the gun
  • Includes 100 Mesh fine finish filter
  • Graco's Fine Finish tips provide a superior finish
    • Reversible tips allow for easy clearing of clogged tips - no need to disassemble the gun
    • Switching tips is simple - ideal when moving from trim to doors
Graco G40 spray gun
High Output On-Board Air Compressor
  • Customized air compressor from an industry leader – Thomas™
  • Twin-cylinder design provides high output in a compact design
  • Smooth, quiet operation. Delivers 3.2 cfm @ 35 psi

on-board compressor
True 2-in-1 capability
  • In the air-assisted airless mode the on-board air compressor assists the pump in producing a high quality fine-finish at lower pressures
  • Able to support up to a .021 tip in airless mode
  • Allows you to switch from airless to air-assisted spraying with the flip of a switch
Graco's Proven Endurance Piston Pump
  • Piston pumps allow for consistent priming and pumping of even the heaviest materials - without thinning!
  • Long-life V-Max Packings, Chromex Rod and Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • QuickAccess intake valve to easily clean or clear debris
Graco Endurance Pump
Smart Control regulator and gauge
SmartControl with Digital Display On-board air regulator and gauge

As this sprayer was derived from the Graco Ultra 395, one of the most popular and dependable airless sprayers ever made, you know it is of the highest quality and is built to last.

Graco FinishPro Air-Assisted Sprayers video

FinishPro 395 Specifications
0.47 Gallons per minute
7/8 Horse power
(DC, pump)
1 Horse power
RAC X Tip Type
3300 Max pressure (air-assist)
2800 Max pressure (airless)
0.021 Max tip size (1 gun)
300 ft. Max cord length (14 ga)
110-120 Voltage (AC)
60 Hz Voltage Frequency
Often Usage (typical)
96 Weight
132 Shipping weight

Graco Contractor Grade Sprayer Warranty

  • Lifetime Motor and Power-train
  • 3 Years Bumper-to-bumper, less wear parts
  • Details on Last Page of Corresponding Manual