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Pressure Washer Tip Guide

Rotating Brush accessory for pressure washers

Selecting the correct pressure washer tip is one of the most integral things that a user must consider when cleaning. There are 4 main tip sizes, with each one being used for different surfaces and materials. There are also rotary nozzles and chemical injectors that each serve their own separate purpose. The information below is designed to help you make an informed decision and maximize your washers cleaning ability. When you decide you are ready to purchase, visit our tips section in our Pressure Washer Store

0 - Red 15 - Yellow 25 - Green 40 - White
0 Pressure Washer Tip 15 Pressure Washer Tip 25 Pressure Washer Tip 40 Pressure Washer Tip
Red Pressure Washer Tip Spray Pattern Yellow Pressure Washer Tip Spray Pattern Green Pressure Washer Tip Spray Pattern Fan pattern of a 40 white pressure washer tip

Called the cutting nozzle, Good for eliminating stubborn stains and dirt from concrete. Will cut into the surface the most, commonly used on cement.

Known as the chiseling nozzle, Can strip paint, grease, and grime from hard surfaces, as well as dirt and debris from sidewalks.

Most commonly used for flushing dirt from sidewalks, metal furniture, and other surfaces, as well as sweeping wet leaves.

Used for cleaning a large area fast. Usually good for cleaning surfaces such as aluminum siding and vehicles.

Chemical Injector Tip

Chemical Injector Tip / Soap Nozzle

The chemical injector tip, also known as the soap nozzle, is the pressure washer nozzle that is used when applying any form of chemical onto the surface that runs through your washer. This nozzle has a slightly larger orifice than normal washer tips, which decreases the pressure in the pump. This decrease in pressure allows for the chemical injector to kick in, drawing the cleaning solution into the pump from the container.

When using chemicals inside your washer, remember to use only those cleaners that are developed through pressure washer manufacturers. One common mistake has been the increased use of bleach as a pressure washer detergent. Doing this will cause internal damage to the pump, and will result in hefty repair bills.

Pressure Washer Tip Spray Patterns

Pressure Washer Tip Sizing

Selecting the correct power washer tip is crucial. If a user selects a washer size that is too small, water can backfire back into the washer pump, which can cause severe damage to the washer. If a user selects a washer tip that is too large, the cleaning ability of the washer is reduced. To help homeowners and contractors select the correct pressure washer tip size, we have developed our

Pressure Washer Nozzle Selection Guide.

Turbo / Rotary Nozzle Tips

Pressure Washer Turbo Nozzle

Pressure washer rotary nozzles act as a zero degree tip that sprays in a circular motion. The spray pattern usually covers an area anywhere from 3-8 inches depending on how far the lance is from the surface. Rotary nozzles are great for use on stubborn stains, wall cleaning, paint stripping, and more.

There are also two different types of Turbo Nozzles: Regular style and spring loaded. If a rotary nozzle is spring loaded, it means that you can point the washer tip in any direction (for example, the ceiling or side of the house). A regular turbo nozzle must be pointed directly downward, and will not spin if pointed horizontal to spray a wall, or upside down.

Turbo nozzles follow the same sizing patterns that regular pressure washer tips do. To help select the correct size, see our Nozzle Chart, then choose the correct rotary nozzle from below:

Nozzle Size Part Number
# 3.5 - Spring Loaded 85.210.019
# 4 - Spring Loaded 85.210.020
# 4.5 Spring Loaded 85.210.021
# 4 85.210.180
# 4.5 85.210.011